Collage Visit

The other day for school we went on a collage visit. I went to a school called Dmacc. It was pretty cool. Dmacc is a community collage, but it was big.  I think it would be really fun to go to because the course are based around jobs in the area. The campus that I went to had 25 buildings and they were building a student center. There are 13 campus altogether. They have many different majors and you can transfer from there to one of the universities. In their criminal justice area they have offices for the DCI and FBI. They also have a digital crime lab where they can get data off of your phone no matter how destroyed it is. Dmacc also has a cool manufacturing area that has a lot of different things. They make parts for machines that mass produce tools. Dmacc has many different career choices and majors to choose from which is really cool. All the course that Dmacc offers are jobs around the school which they help you get a job when you leave collage.  Dmacc’s campus set up is a good set up because all the courses are grouped together in different buildings.

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