Week 3: In Alaska


Picture by Teddy Llovet

Last year my mom, dad, and I went to Alaska. We took a cruise through Juneau, Ketchikan, Skagway, Anchorage, Denali, and Denali National Park.

We went on a tour through Denali National Park it was 7 hours, but it was fun. going back into town we got to see the peak of Mt. McKinley (now called Mt. Denali) Going to Anchorage we were on a dome train for 8 hours, but I spent more of that time outside. The train´s first level was for eating and then the second floor was where you sat and instead of a roof it was a dome window.

On the cruise we got to do a lot of things. I met two girls that were sisters and we hung out all the time. The ship had a indoor and a outdoor pool. The outdoor pool was fun because it had a platform that was in the water just a little bit. My friends and I also went exploring the ship.

In Ketchikan which was our first stop we went shopping and went on a duck ride. A duck ride is a car/bus that can turn into a boat and go in the water. I got to see a lot of bald eagles.

In Juneau which was our second stop. We didn´t have anything planned, but we went on a gondola ride. The ride took us up to this place up in the mountains. It had a bald eagle, trails leading  a lot of different places, and a shop.

In Skagway which was our last stop. We went shopping and we took this tour kind of thing. It was really cool because they showed us historical things and they were dressed like people would dress in the old days.

We went through Glacier National Park. It really isn´t a park because it is in the sea. Only two ships can go through there a day. I got to see glaciers calf. Calfing is when a part of a glacier falls off.

In Denali I found out that it can snow there any day of the year. I also got to see a bear, caribou, and a bunch of other wild life. Denali was fun because right next to the train station there was a place that had a lot of different things. They had different shops, you could go see the husky training center, and a lot more.

In Anchorage I got to talk to people that lived there. I found out that most people only live there May through September because otherwise it gets to cold. Some people live there year round. Most of the people that live there year round are park rangers and people that just like to be there.


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