Raise Your Voice

Bullying  is a form of getting attention for the bully. If you are getting bullied don´t be afraid to speak up. You shouldn´t be afraid to speak up because you matter. Even if you don´t think you matter you do. I have a friend that always said she didn´t matter, but everyone kept telling her that she did matter. Now she is confident and she is knows she matters. When you get bullied some people don´t think they matter, but the do. People don´t get that sometimes others are having a bad day and it just makes it worst when you don´t think you matter. When you know you matter and you are having a bad day it makes it better. If you know you have someone you can count on to be there for you every day then you feel better about yourself. I always know when I am in a bad mood my friends are there to make it better.  When I get bullied my best friend is there by my side helping me. When people do that for you it´s always nice if you do that for them. People need to know that bullying is not okay and it hurts others. I like when people see someone getting bullied and they help them even if they don´t know the person getting bullied. Speaking out needs to happen more often, speaking out is a way to stop bullying. Bullying needs to stop and if we speak out and raise our voice Then is will change. One person can´t do the job themselves. One person can start it, but more people need to follow for it to make a difference. Rachel Joy Scott once said people will never know how far a little kindness will go. That´s why people need to speak out and raise their voice.

3 thoughts on “Raise Your Voice”

  1. Hello, Kadi, this is your mentor again. Excellent post! You are so right, your friends are the people who know how wonderful you are, listen to them, not the bullies. If you are a person who can’t confide in friends, then it’s really important to speak out, as you say. Great job! If you’d like to add a Raise Your Voice badge to your sidebar, here are the directions: Raise your Voice Badge

  2. I agree bullying is a big issue that needs to be taken care of and I wish to see change in the future too. Your writing is really persuasive and I hope it makes people think about what they’re doing.

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