Genius Hour

I haven really found anymore information on archery but I have set up my website. I have got it all set up now. I can’t wait to present this. Archery is a lot of fun and I think it will go well. I have found out that there are many different attachments that you can put on your bow. There are sights that help you aim better. You can put on a fishing reel so you can fish. For my bow I only have the necessary attachments like an arrow rest, a sight, and a few other things I can think of right now.  I am actually going to bring my bow into schools without the arrowheads. My mom is going to bring it because I don’t really trust anyone with it just because it was expensive. I will talk about the bow and how it works. I was thinking about talking about fry shots and how they can ruin a bow but I won’t do a dry shot. I think this presentation will go pretty well. I like talking about things that I know about and this will be simple. I wanted to go shooting and take pictures but I never had time.

Genius Hour

As you know I am working on a project and so far it is going good. I have learned a lot about the equipment, but really anything else because there is so much equipment. Some of the equipment is a bow, arrows, arm guard, arrowheads, releases, and stabilizers.  The bow, arrows, and arrowheads. are the most important. The most common type of bow is the compound bow. The arrowheads are the part on the end of the arrow that pierces the thing you are shoot. Then the most common form of an arrow is a shaft with an arrowhead attached to the front end and with fletchings and a nock attached to the other end. The nock is a tiny piece on one end that is hooks on to the string when you are ready to shoot. Also the  three (some arrows have four) fletching are on the same end that the nock is and they are simply feather-like things that help the arrow fly straight. Without fletchings or without three fletching (some arrows have four) the arrow wouldn’t fly straight. The other stuff is optional, but it helps your shooting. Like the arm guard, it protects your arm from the string. I have had so many bruises from my string, so I finally bought a arm guard. The release is just to save your fingers from hurting a lot when you pull the bow back. Also the stabilizer is to keep the bow steady for a better aim.

Collage Visit

The other day for school we went on a collage visit. I went to a school called Dmacc. It was pretty cool. Dmacc is a community collage, but it was big.  I think it would be really fun to go to because the course are based around jobs in the area. The campus that I went to had 25 buildings and they were building a student center. There are 13 campus altogether. They have many different majors and you can transfer from there to one of the universities. In their criminal justice area they have offices for the DCI and FBI. They also have a digital crime lab where they can get data off of your phone no matter how destroyed it is. Dmacc also has a cool manufacturing area that has a lot of different things. They make parts for machines that mass produce tools. Dmacc has many different career choices and majors to choose from which is really cool. All the course that Dmacc offers are jobs around the school which they help you get a job when you leave collage.  Dmacc’s campus set up is a good set up because all the courses are grouped together in different buildings.

My Genius Hour Project

By Lee Dyer
By Lee Dyer

For my genius hour project I have decided to focus on archery. In archery I am wanting to research the different types of bows, arrows, and targets. I want to find out which would be the best kind of equipment for the different skill levels. I also want to learn more about it so I can better myself in archery. Most people don’t think of archery as a sport, but if you were to see how much time people spend practicing for a competitions. Also to get ready for a competition some spend hundreds of money and time. I want to tell other people about it, because if you really get into it archery is really fun and it helps to relieve stress. Archery is one of those sports that most people don’t know about and I want to tell more people about it. I have had a person ask me if archery was easy, because he had said that when I shoot it looks really easy. I told him that it takes time to learn anything and that I had been shooting for awhile. People don’t always understand how hard it is, archery is just like any other sport. I can’t wait to start talking about my project and learn more about it. The only way that I will know that I have reached my goal is when I have learned more about the equipment and have told other people about archery.


This summer I am doing  a lot of things. The first thing I am doing is working on my room. My room isn’t that great, it is kind of little girl type. In a few weeks my room is going to be great. My walls are going to be spring green and my two other colors are going to be dark blue and a plum. I have already started, but I am completely redoing so it is going to take a little while. My nana is the one that started it and she is picking out different patterns and different things to put in my room. After I get done with my room I am going to camp for a few weeks. I go to camp at Wesley Woods in Indianola, Iowa. Spending time at camp is the best, because you get away from everything and don’t have to deal with it for a while. In July I am going to a cheer camp. I made the cheer squad at our high school, so I get to go to the camp with my friends. Only two of my best friends made it, but it will still be fun. Even though this summer is going to be busy for me it will be a lot of fun.

Week 10

I have published 6 post and all of them have been set by the challenge. I have received 14 comments from people. My post about me received the most comments and I think that happened because, it was a post that talked about me and people asked me questions. The post I enjoyed writing the most was the post about my family trip to Alaska because I had so much fun.


I think of nature I think of camp. The camp I go to is out in the woods mostly. Wesley Woods is all outdoors except for where we eat and the gym. Wesley Woods has different camp sites for different camps. It has an outpost and inpost, inpost is our main camp. My favorite camp site is blue harion bay (bhb). To get to bhb you have to canoe or walk, but the walk to main camp is about two miles.

Wesley Woods is the only Methodist camp to have horse. This summer when I go to camp  my friend and I are going to be wranglers. Being a wrangler is fun, because you get to go on trail rides with the campers and you get to teach the kids how to trot, ride, and about horse science. The only thing is we have to get up at four for trail rides.

The j-staff also does things to help the camp like work on the butterfly garden and pass out support cards to summer staff that is there all summer.  J-staff also works in the kitchen and in packout. Packout gets food to the outpost camp, because they cook their food over the fire.

One of the best parts of the week is when we get to go to the outpost outside chapel. You have to hike through tall grass and go through a short maze to get there. Also when we have games on the mound is a lot of fun, because j-staff makes to games and we get to play with the kids.

At camp the kids can´t know what time it is. When they ask there counselor what time the counselor says 7:47. They say that because the bible verse Luke 7:47. Some people say that’s stupid, but the kids enjoy it a lot more when they aren´t worried about the time.

Both pictures I took.

People I visited

The people I visited are Micheal´s Blog. Micheal is 17 and lives in the USA. I visited Kylie´s Blog. Kylie is 12 and lives in the USA. Also she likes basketball. I visited  Carlie´s blog . She is 13 and lives in L.A. California. Ana2am is  12 and lives in Mexico. Her blog is all about her. Destany6pm  told us about how she and her family celebrate Halloween. Riley´s Blog  is 12 and lives in Russia, also her great grandma passed and she wrote a good post about it.   Darcey´s Blog  she tied with two other girls for the blogging  awards. Arabela Blog, she post stuff everyday and she has a lot of different things on her blog. Katew06 Blog, she lives in Australia and is 12. Also she loves house riding. Abbie’s Blog, she has some great post about war.

Our Food

The foods my family eats are normal American foods. Most the times it´s like pizza, burgers, hot dogs, and any other kind or meats. We also like to go out to eat to fast food places when we are in a hurry. We really like to go out to dine in places with our extended family. Mostly my mom likes to cook herself.

My mom likes to cook really anything. She really likes to cook simple things. Simple things like grilled cheeses, burgers, pasta, and things like that. When we don´t feel like cooking we usually make cold meat sandwiches.

When my mom feels like cooking something big then we usually put the rest in the fridge and eat it as leftovers. We also eat leftover a lot. If we have a big dinner with my whole family, we have a lot of leftovers and everyone takes home some.

My family really doesn´t do anything special for making food. We just eat whatever. I kind of like that because we eat a lot of different foods. Also we eat different foods from different places. My family is pretty simple when it comes to food. It is just whatever in my family with food.


Week 3: In Alaska


Picture by Teddy Llovet

Last year my mom, dad, and I went to Alaska. We took a cruise through Juneau, Ketchikan, Skagway, Anchorage, Denali, and Denali National Park.

We went on a tour through Denali National Park it was 7 hours, but it was fun. going back into town we got to see the peak of Mt. McKinley (now called Mt. Denali) Going to Anchorage we were on a dome train for 8 hours, but I spent more of that time outside. The train´s first level was for eating and then the second floor was where you sat and instead of a roof it was a dome window.

On the cruise we got to do a lot of things. I met two girls that were sisters and we hung out all the time. The ship had a indoor and a outdoor pool. The outdoor pool was fun because it had a platform that was in the water just a little bit. My friends and I also went exploring the ship.

In Ketchikan which was our first stop we went shopping and went on a duck ride. A duck ride is a car/bus that can turn into a boat and go in the water. I got to see a lot of bald eagles.

In Juneau which was our second stop. We didn´t have anything planned, but we went on a gondola ride. The ride took us up to this place up in the mountains. It had a bald eagle, trails leading  a lot of different places, and a shop.

In Skagway which was our last stop. We went shopping and we took this tour kind of thing. It was really cool because they showed us historical things and they were dressed like people would dress in the old days.

We went through Glacier National Park. It really isn´t a park because it is in the sea. Only two ships can go through there a day. I got to see glaciers calf. Calfing is when a part of a glacier falls off.

In Denali I found out that it can snow there any day of the year. I also got to see a bear, caribou, and a bunch of other wild life. Denali was fun because right next to the train station there was a place that had a lot of different things. They had different shops, you could go see the husky training center, and a lot more.

In Anchorage I got to talk to people that lived there. I found out that most people only live there May through September because otherwise it gets to cold. Some people live there year round. Most of the people that live there year round are park rangers and people that just like to be there.


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